Spring ’17 Loves & Let Downs

Because I haven’t posted a Loves & Let Downs in absolute ages, a few of these products have been on heavy rotation since, like, last summer. Read on to see what makeup, skin care, and entertainment I’ve been enjoying the past several months.


Bag Balm
My Lips have been crazy dry this winter, to the point that the corners were cracked and bleeding (TMI?) I tried everything from traditional tube balms to salves–and even Neosporin–to no avail. But once I finally decided to dig out my old tin of Badger Balm, my lips healed almost completely overnight–for realz. I also noticed Bag Balm now comes in convenient, mess free travel tubes.
It’s worth noting that while Bag Balm is cruelty free, its primary ingredient Lanolin is a byproduct of sheep’s wool and is therefore obv not vegan.

It Vitality Flush Stain Stick in Je Ne Sais Quois
This balm-like product is ultra comfortable on both lips and cheeks. The balm goes on clear and magically* transforms into a cheerful pink flush.
*May not be actual magic. It has something to do with skin’s pH or body heat or something science-y, idk.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Radiant Lights
This pinky champagne highlight seems to have become a bit of a cult favorite among the online beauty community and for good reason. Playing into the rose gold trend, Radiant Lights flatters a wide range of skin tones and complements every eye and lip combo I’ve paired it with. It’s a buttery soft, buildable powder capable of anything from a subtle day to night glow to a full on disco ball strobe effect. (As with contouring, I tend to shy away from the term strobing as well as the look in its most extreme form.) I use my trusty Elf Small Stipple Brush to sweep the product lightly on the high points of my cheekbones and up into the temple. The result is a relatively subtle lit from within glow that doesn’t overpower my overall look.

Physicians Formula #InstaReady Super BB Cream
I was initially attracted to this because it boasts an SPF of 30, which is phenomenal for a drugstore (high street) base product. I’ve been using my fingers to apply  this directly after serum, patting a little extra product in the places I prefer heavier coverage. It sets down to a demi-matte finish, which is practically unheard of for a bb/cc product. Physicians Formula is notorious for catering to a pretty narrow range of skin tones, but the shade Light-Medium is a great color match for me atm. Note: This shade might run a bit orange on fairer/cooler skin tones.

Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic
Amid all the Bioderma/Caudalie hype, I’ve been searching for a cruelty free micellar water for years. It’s awesome to have discovered one from such a widely available cruelty free (and vegan) company as Pacifica.

Scunci Pony Cuffs
These cute, little cuffs come in a four pack of gold, silver, rose gold, and black. I originally bought these solely because I had to have the rose gold one, but I’ve actually enjoyed using each hue based on a particular day’s jewelry/outfit/look.

Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson is the actual embodiment of a Disney princess. I had no idea Emma Thompson or Ewan McGregor could sing, but they were both brilliant. (Did anyone else find Gaston significantly more appealing than the post-curse Beast/prince though?)

The Legend of Tarzan
Aside from Alexandar Skarsgard’s abs/face/everything, this movie actually has a pretty decent plot (although the gorillas do kind of look like creepy aliens.)

True Blood
Basically, Alexander Skarsgard is my favorite thing this month quarter. I’m nearly a decade late to this party, but I just binge watched the entire series and, although it got absolutely ridiculous at times, I un-ironically enjoyed most of it. (That final scene between Bill and Sookie though.)

The Santa Clarita Diet
Drew Barrymore and her (handsome) husband Joel are pretty typical suburbanites until she mysteriously becomes a zombie, at which point the couple begins killing [bad] people in order to feed her newfound hunger for human flesh, their only allies their teenage daughter and her friend the lonely neighbor boy and will they/won’t they love interest. It’s over the top zombie humor meets sitcom dramedy with a bit of a Dexter vibe (with the vigilante murder spree–Dan is obv Doakes.)

Trial & Error
This mockumentary style series is absolutely hysterical. Northeastern lawyer Josh Segal is assigned to a case in a small South Carolina town, defending poetry professor Larry Henderson (John Lithgow) who may have murdered his wife. With a ragtag legal team and a taxidermy shop as his office, what chance does Josh stand against beloved (and hilariously trampy) local prosecuting attourney Carol Anne Keane?

Let Downs

Wet n Wild All Day Wear PhotoFocus Setting Spray
This smelled so terrible I hurried home to wash it off, and so I can’t actually even comment on its staying power. #sorrynotsorry

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner
This duo claims to soften/quench/repair, but my strands were left as dry as ever. The conditioner weirdly has almost no slip to it, and my [admittedly damaged] hair was rendered a stringy, tangled mess. (I’ve since repurchased an old standby, and my hair is feeling/looking much better.)

Have you tried/watched any of the aforementioned things?
What have you been loving lately?
Please leave your lovely thoughts in the comments below.


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